The Beginning of the End

I have been unable to write lately.  Not because of time, but because of effort. I don’t know what to say…after finally finding out where we are moving to this summer everything is a blur.

Moving to Hawai’i has changed our plans and our trip.  I have canceled reservations from May – June that I had made and been excited about!  We are not going to Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, or Wisconsin anymore.  We are finishing our time in Texas and headed back to Colorado.

The timing should work out ok.  It snowed yesterday (April 23rd) and maybe that will be the last snow of the season? I will be digging out our wintery clothes again, not sure where I put those jackets and long sleeve t-shirts!?!?!  haha

The camper is for sale! She is beautiful and HOME, I am conflicted about this.  However, it is the size of Hawai’i and obviously cannot come with us! The truck can stay or go… a package deal if someone prefers. In the meantime, I have been busy enjoying our last week(s) of Texas and our adventure.  We are making the most of our trip while I spend a lot of time coordinating appointments for doctors, dentists and the dog!  SO. Much. Paperwork.  Oh, I forgot to mention we need to be medically approved to move to Hawaii! (Yes thats a thing in the military.)

This trip has been amazing, I wouldn’t change anything, and would do it all over again.  I will not homeschool Oliver again unless I had to, or got to travel via RV again in the future.  He likes to challenge me in everything and already knows everything!  I have NO idea where he got those traits from… We are too similar, too head strong, to be 24 hour-a-day companions with and the teacher-student relationship.

Update:   The truck was shipped to Oahu and takes up half the state! We did not end up selling Hank-the-tank (camper).  It is for rent in Phoenix, AZ, with a company that will put it where ever your heart desires – for a cost of course – for as long or short a time as you desire.  Check her out Going Places RV.  I recommend this service as an option for people moving overseas for a short period of time that do not want to sell their RVs etc.


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