What We Eat

What we eat:
We all, Tino included, try to eat a paleo type diet. We were really good for 3 years. Less strict in the last year as sugar, beer (my weakness), and wine (Tino’s weakness) found their way back into our house. So this year is about being healthier again. At least I’m trying. Trying to ignore the glass of wine next to me… I did mention the 2 kids, husband deployed, packed up my house and moved into a fifth wheel, homeschooling, driving a tank, and regularly pull a 42′ RV? My CrAzY is for real. Lost my mind. But I still feed my body.
Before we found out about the deployment we had purchased half a cow and divided it amongst ourselves and Tino’s mom, Anna, aka “Lela.” I have a lot of said cow in my freezer. Along with some pre-holiday tamales we made with Lela.
We have a near full kitchen. I have a full size fridge, 3 burner gas range/oven and a microwave. We are not camp cooking. Though I try to keep dishes to a minimum so I don’t fill up the tanks too often. Especially if my site doesn’t have a sewer hook up! We know how it goes when I have to make a “dump-the-tank” drive. I prefer to keep my camper attached and my truck unscratched thank you.
Grilled meat – steak, on the attached grill outside.
Crock pot – most recently I made a sirloin roast and poured some yoshitos marinade on it. Set it to low and 7 hours later the boys exclaimed “Oh, Yes! My favorite” when I dumped it on their plates.
Lunch favorite: an avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzle on top. (Main item, not enough food alone to sustain my life) Oliver likes his plain.
Recent picnic: I packed cut up veggies: carrots, radishes, cucumber; hummus for veggies, yogurt (E), Luna bar (O), zbars (O&E). And a left over meatball sandwich (O). Easy peasy and contained what I had in the fridge. My boys are good eaters. They rotate between herbivores and carnivores, opposing each other usually.


Breakfast is generally an assortment of cut up fresh fruit, fresh eggs. Sometimes if I feel ok with dishes, I make bacon. I drink a little Naked Green Machine juice, Emerson does as well. Oli and Em sometimes have a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or waffle with Nutella.
We haven’t been out to breakfast once. (As of April, we’ve been out a few times…)
I’ve don’t buy my kids packaged cookies. They’ve never had Lucky Charms. They think French fries are treats and attack-eat broccoli like it’s going to disappear off their plates at times. They call most things junk they see at the stores. But they aren’t perfect, they still ask for junk sometimes. Though it’s less now.. “Oliver says, never mind, I know you will say no.” I spoil them with flavored waters: Dasani, La Croix, whatever. Nana doesn’t like to share the San Pelligrino but I

let the boys indulge in mine sometimes 🙂




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