St Augustine with Kids

St Augustine

1565 – The Spanish landed. Apparently there is a “Fountain of Youth” here. I didn’t go see it this trip. I went 11 years ago and I have continued to age. Oh well.  The KOA was nice, I did not use a single facility so I cannot speak to that. The store seemed well stocked and there were cabins you could rent. It was 5 minutes to the historic area of town and they had a shuttle bus which was included in our Trolley Tour tickets – a 3 day pass for $ that drove us to the beach or to stop #16 near St George Street entrance. Parking in town is metered until 5pm.



Day 1 refer back to the last episode (Rainbows and Butterflies) for the earlier morning excitement.  The campsite is shaded, that’s new. The boys did not want to go to the beach.  So, I took them to the beach. The boys did not want to put on bathing suit’s. So when they saw the water they decided they did want to swim. Thus the boys swam in their clothes… The boys did not want to leave the beach. Next, the boys put on jeans sans undergarments and off we went in search of food. (There was a cute looking beachside cafe but it had closed early this night due to a wedding). Dinner at Harry’s was delicious. My drink was deserved.
Day 2 After completing schoolwork in the morning-the worst writing assignment yet, and 1st lunch, we set off on an adventure. The trolley tour. Walking St. George Street. Lunch at an English pub. The boys 2nd lunch. The Plaza Hotel chocolate was devoured. It survived a long time – from pre-Christmas in New York City.  We then went to the pirate museum. This one is better than the place we went to in Key West.  They had a scavenger hunt, interactive iPad stories for learning the pirates histories and a cannon you can “fire!”Definitely worth the trip inside and entrance fee. The Castillo de San Marco’s was next and across the street from the Pirate Museum. It was a quick trip for us, but the boys enjoyed seeing all the different cannons and climbing around.  I enjoyed the views.  That night we went out for Sushi. Lots of sushi. Oliver had 2 full rolls, an order of rice and more food than I can remember right now.  It was tasty.  Back on George St at night we enjoyed some Dip and Dots, window shopping and since the next day was Roma’s 1st birthday, we stopped into a cute Dog Store.  What should have taken 5-10 minutes took 30 – the boys could not decide on her suitable present(s).  It was a tiring day so the boys did not make it back to the KOA awake.
Day 3. School work in the morning nope? It’s Saturday! We had a lazy Saturday morning. We kind of slept in – 7 o’clock? Trust me, that’s not too shabby! The boys played with toys. We gave Roma her birthday treat, a new doggy toy! Happy 1 year!   Then I figured out our game plan. We took the shuttle from our hotel camper site to downtown and got on the trolley to the San Sebastian Winery.
We did a complimentary tasting tour and the boys had Fresca. Emerson behaved Oliver did not because I did not allow him to get Fanta. After he realized he liked Fresca the world was righted. We had lunch on the rooftop at the winery which was fun to look out over the river. The boys were awesome, here. We skipped the trolley and walked a block and a half to our reservation at Whetstone Chocolate Factory. We did a tasting tour and learned all about the process of making chocolate. It was super yummy too.  The boys have been super good so I booked the pirate cruise for that evening. 615 departure from the Marina downtown. It’s a reenactment of the Battle with Blackbeard. We had time to walk back to town after our tour which was not that far. But we needed a snack that wasn’t sugar – we stopped at Kookaburro for refreshments. As we were leaving, the annual March 3rd reenactment of the battle between the Spanish and the Pirate Searle was taking place. Fabulous! We got a spot right next to the smokebomb. The boys loved it, but not the smoke bomb. Next, we grabbed a bite to eat at OC Whites. I could tell it was going to be a rough night and the boys were exhausted as the listening skills started to deteriorate. Even I was tired. On our pirate battle excursion Emerson was too scared at first that he didn’t practice sword fighting or want to get his face painted. But he came around at the end and enjoyed himself. We Uber’d home and I pepped the boys with a let’s see who can sleep the longest competition.
Day 4 Exhaustion. We played in the morning. I exercised and prepared some for departure tomorrow. Around lunchtime I decided to drive to town so we could visit the lighthouse and museum. It was great and overall one of our favorite experiences. But I really wish Emerson had not chickened out halfway to the top of the lighthouse. I came down with him and Oliver climbed to the top by himself.  We played at the playground there, we played with the interactive games in the lighthouse keepers house, and asked ~1 million questions to the shipwreck conservationist. Next the boys pleaded to go to the beach despite the 60° weather. They played with their Lego beach trucks and boats while I sat there freezing and glared at the out-of-towners feeding seagulls. It was early to bed for everyone. Except mommy. Her work is never done.
Things to do next time: The Fountain of Youth, the Alligator Farm, the Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, The Oldest Jail, The School, The Distillery.

We had a blast and I believe the boys have decided this is their favorite spot so far. Overall, we spent 4 nights and 5 days in St Augustine and could have spent another week or more.

I am really trying to work on remembering to take more pictures… While I trying to balance the looks I get with my smart phone out “watching” my kids. Bahaha Mom Goals.





  1. Hi,
    This is probably out of place because I met you in Austin and I don’t see your post for LaHacienda yet. We are enjoying your adventures in writing here so much. It makes me doubly sad, too, though that I didn’t get to say hi until you were leaving. I think we would have enjoyed getting to know each other. The boys are adorable and, of course, you are my new super hero! I hope you keep this site going so we can keep up with you and I truly hope our paths cross again. Best wishes to you all – The Rolands- Mary, Paul and Cora.

    1. MARY!!! I am WAY behind on responding to this post! Yes! I hope our paths cross again in the future. Austin was my favorite part of our trip. I never published the writing from that time and had it in draft this whole time! It is now loaded for your reading pleasure! look for more content soon of where my CrazyLIFE has led our family!!

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