Space Coast with kids

Anastasia State Park

Space Coast: Things To Do

Enjoy the beach and the waves. Really you can do this anywhere there is beach access parking. We would drive right across the street from Patrick Air Force Base and walk down the little boardwalk. Voila – the beach. The boys lost lots of toys in this ocean – bring your shovels, buckets, and boogie boards. I picked up some boogie boards at the standard $8 dollar beach stores you see along A1A.


USAFA Grad and astronaut Fred Gregory!

Kennedy Space Center!! Whether you are a space nerd or not, this place is cool. We got there 10 minutes prior to opening and left at 5pm. We accomplished everything we thought we would and should. When the boys are older (4/7 now) I will go back and do the astronaut training experience if they want. Also, we weren’t able to do the simulated Shuttle Launch because Emerson was ¼ inch too short.








We saw Atlantis, did the Heroes and Legends exhibit, rode the bus out by the launch pads, toured the Saturn V building, touched a moon rock, watched Apollo 8 take off, listened to Astronaut Fred Gregory talk about his space experiences and took pictures with him, ate space ice cream, and more!


Fish – deep sea, or not. Rent a Boat, find a friend with a boat, whatever, just get out on the water. We have friends locally who have a boat and love to fish. The season was a little off, but the kids loved it. As per usual they tried to swim in the bait well. After fishing we took the boat to a restaurant and docked for lunch. So fun!


Movie in the Park – we found a great website that tells everything going on in the area. We went out to Wickam Park Friday night and watched Wonder Woman. They had food trucks and a dessert truck there, as well as popcorn for a $1. We brought chairs and blankets 🙂

Use this site for activities for kids! It’s great and has a complete daily schedule of fun stuff in the area

Orlando is very close and easily accessible from the space coast! Don’t limit yourself:)

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