Everyday Life

There hasn’t been much crazy-crazy to write about lately, as we are parked for three weeks and not moving. That doesn’t mean we’re without crazy in every day life.

Emerson pooped his pants at a friend’s house because he didn’t want to stop playing to go to the bathroom.

We went to the beach and I forgot towels.

The boys made friends – a pair of stinkbugs. Then they brought them in the camper and dropped them.

Photo cred – Oliver

We played in the freezing cold water and boogie boarded. OK maybe that was just awesome, but cold.

I forgot my iPad at the hotel we were at for my birthday.

I didn’t know the gates to the base closed at 10 o’clock. I showed up at 10:05 and then spent 30 minutes driving around in circles trying to find The One open gate at night.
My car has Blindspot’s the size of Jupiter especially at night. And did I mention it barely fits in any parking spaces? So glad I didn’t buy that dually…

Oliver recently spilled an entire can of sparkling water at a grocery store.

Making dinner on Tuesday was crazy. Usually I have Tino to help. Or to cook for us all. 🙂 I had burgers ready before the seasonings were even opened (new) or sprinkled on – thank you Oliver for helping with the spices. I had the burgers on the grill before the salad was prepared and the water was boiling for the green beans. Then I remembered I bought mushrooms to sauté for Emerson. Somehow I got it all done and on the table and the only thing that happened was I dropped and broke the glass jar of Italian spices.

Salad, lettuce wrap burger and avocado, green beans 😬

Then I woke up Wednesday wet, with a smell of urine lingering in the air… ! Why? Why did I let Oliver sleep with me? Because he’s seven. And someday he won’t want to snuggle anymore. Or hug me. But, I’m covered in pee and have to do laundry now. Yay. No more sleepovers until this is forgotten:(. He popped right out of bed and got dressed that morning too, I should have known something was up sooner.

We are happy and settling in. It’s been a month now since Tino left and I started this journey, which I can’t believe. All these things going on have made it go fast! I wouldn’t change my plans to have this crazy adventure a bit! Ok, maybe in hindsight the only other idea I should have had sooner was rent a house in Italy for the six months! I hope there is no next time, but if there is… you know where you can find us!

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