Fun in Fiesta Key

This morning we woke up in Homestead, Florida and started the day with a butterfly and caterpillar hunt. The boys loved it!  Emerson would not walk away from the caterpillar plants and kept picking them up. Oliver was very engaged in driving a golf cart around during the hunt.  They loved it so much the owner gave us a plant with a large caterpillar to take with us on our adventure.  He is Emerson’s new best friend and every minute I am threatening to give the plant back if he doesn’t put the caterpillar down!!!

After breakfast we were off, 64 miles straight south on US 1 to Fiesta Key, near Marathon Florida. Oliver had a fever and fell asleep.  He refused to take advil despite complaints of aches and pains.  Otherwise, our first destination will be marvelous.

Approaching our turn into Fiesta Key, I realized I had an issue.  The GPS in the truck is saying 5 more miles, while the phone is saying I am almost there.  At the same time I am passing construction, intensely focused on the road. I passed the entrance, according to my phone!  While trying to find a place to pull over or turn around, I try to contact the resort.  Good luck! This area is single lane with a small shoulder on my side.  I choose the widest part, turn on the E-lights, and wait. I am on hold while Encore tries to contact Fiesta Key and link us.

Forget this, I think and wait 4-5 minutes for a gap in traffic and accomplish a spectacular freaking U-turn. Damn I’m Good! They connect me as I turn left into the entrance.  My site looks excellent. The roads are wide enough, but it’s a back-in site on the water, and my helper is sick and asleep.

The people here are friendly and I have 3 helpers to ensure I am clear on the sides and that I have backed up far enough into the spot.  We do ask a few neighbors to move their cars a touch out of the way. 🙂 Otherwise, the parking job is on par, and I am congratulated multiple times.









Others ask  “Where did you learned to drive like that?” and “Did you have to take a school?” and my favorite, “How long have you had your RV?”  I answer all the questions with a big ole smile on my face.  None know the truck is newly repaired, Haha!

We are super excited! My mom, Nana, and step-dad, Trey, are on their way in their boat and will meet us tomorrow.

We have now been here 4 days and settled in nicely.  The facilities are nice, especially considering Hurricane Irma came through these parts.  The north side of the campground is still under redevelopment since the storm. There are very cute looking tiny houses on the water over there. I will go sneak a picture.

Last night is the first night we did not go to the tiki bar/restaurant – Lobster Crawl.  IT HAS FABULOUS FOOD and a good happy hour from 4-6pm.  The conch fritters, clam strips, fish dip, lobster melt, coconut shrimp, and grilled lobster are all on point. The Lobster Bisque is right up there with some of the best soup I have had. Trey says its better than The Capitol Grille lobster bisque, probably 1/3 the price too!









The boys and I have enjoyed walking around the resort and marina looking for fish. Every morning and every night we go see what is out and swimming around.  We have seen my favorite – butterfly fish, sergeant majors, a parrot fish, lots of minnows, a puffer fish, baby barracuda, several sea cucumbers, 2 starfish, some snappers and 2 large iguanas in the mangrove tree next to us.   Oliver fishes off the sea wall every chance he gets. ☺

Yesterday was a good weather day – low wind, warm weather.  We ventured out on the boat to a snorkeling spot some of the locals told us about – Alligator Reef. We shamelessly wore our wet suits, sissy Florida people… the water was 72 degrees.  Unfortunately we did not have the right size mask for Oliver and it kept falling off.  That, combined with seeing lots of barracuda and a nurse shark while we were anchoring, made his experience less than pleasant. But little Emerson would not be deterred.  He jumped right in with me and swam the whole time looking at fish with just a pair of goggles on.  Oliver ended up alone crying on the boat. Then took a 2 hour nap. Wish I had taken a picture.



Needless to say, I highly recommend this location and already want to extend my trip here and cannot wait to come back with Tino.  (I ended up adding another night! yay)

*There is still a lot of clean-up going on from Hurricane Irma and some of the keys have more damage than others. Overall a lot of businesses are open and looking for your support.


  1. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us. It’s beautiful out there where you are staying. So happy to see all of you safe and having fun!

    1. Living vicariously through y’all. How fun! Minus the sniffles, aches and pains Oli is dealing with. I know he’ll bounce back, though. Love you guys! Keep up the quality adventuring.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! So amazing! I’m so jealous! One day I will attempt something just half as adventurous! Keep posting the updates – you are paving the way!

  3. Sounds to me like you’re having an awesome time! Wish I was there, but at least I’ll see you guys in 1-1/2 weeks. Can’t wait!

  4. Love to read. Your adventures with your children you go girl.

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