Deployments, planes and automobiles…

Deployment Day – “My D-Day,” was a long and sad day.  We planned our flights to be from the same airport, on the same day.  Tino would go to Iraq via an overnight stop in Norfolk, VA; and the boys and I to Tampa, FL.  This sounds great, but as you know now, nothing in my life goes as planned.
Tino’s initial departure time was 6am. Yes, you read that correctly! Show up at the airport with 2 young kids and send your husband off at 4am!?!  Umm, love you, but that sounds terrible.  After some generous work by Air Force personnel, this was changed to a much more reasonable time; 10:55am, 1 minute before our flight! We woke up the morning of, sleepless, with big puffy eyes, and it was then I learned my flight was delayed until 5:20pm. Are you kidding me!? Prayers!!! What a sick joke!  We had planned to go through security together and send dad off by the gate. Thankfully, the nice people of our airline did not put up a single road block and still took our bags and issued boarding passes to send daddy (Tino) off as planned.  I was a crying mess and could not really talk well to the attendants, about the situation, but apparently it was obvious considering I was a crying, puffy hot mess! Tino had a lot of military bags and a gun case…I think that helped paint the picture nice and clear for them.  Next, we checked in his junk – the boys loved finally getting to sneak a peek at the M4 and M9!!
The M4. Do they really test a gun to see if it’s a gun? Lol

I’ll skip the sappy staring at each other part of the morning.  Tino’s flight left without issues. Oliver and I cried, I pried him off Tino when it was time to go. Emerson, bless his heart, looked at us like we were crazy.  Clearly not understanding the depth of the issue at age 4.  Oliver and I told him we were crying because we would miss daddy. He said “Oh, well, I’m not going to miss him because I have my little Army men.”  haha

We left the airport, went a saw a movie, and returned to live out the day like the movie, The Terminal.  Our flight didn’t leave until 9:00pm…after delay #76. We landed safely in Tampa at 2:15am and reached our home-on-wheels, Hank the Tank, at 3:00am. The boys did amazing with the terrible travel day. Tired, drained and out of tears, we slept in late.
The next morning was a Kite Festival my mother, Nana, wanted to check out in Treasure Island on the beach.  It was super cool and the kiddos loved it.  The family favorite was a giant Toothless dragon from the movie How to Train Your Dragon.   There was a bounce house and super slide set up. We paid the hefty cost and they played all afternoon.



We tried to ease into the changes of life and get ready for our traveling adventure.  God had other plans.
A friend reached out and invited us to dinner. Harmless, and probably beneficial for my depressed mood.  I followed my gps directions to get to her house in Downtown Tampa. While looking for my upcoming right hand turn, going through a green light I must add, a car stopped after making a right hand turn and I hit them.  The impact caused them to drive through the crosswalk and hit a pedestrian. I was in shock as I watched a lady go up on the hood of the car. I stopped, checked the boys in the backseat, they were fine.  I got out of the car and went to the lady.  She was fine, walking around and talking about how she was not going to the hospital!  My are nerves now completely shot!  My grandfathers truck is messed up, we put a bungee cord on it to not drag and the headlight is busted. The other car had damage to the back end and a pedestrian!!???  EMS came, police came. EMS left – nothing for them to do. My friend came and we followed her home.
😭 I hate this bad luck lately.

I stayed at my friends house until I felt comfortable enough to drive home. I planned to stay in bed the entire next day. Oye Ve.  It would appear that I have really bad luck lately…  I don’t remember my last car accident.  (I DO NOT count the camper INCIDENT.)  I wasn’t even mad when my watch fell off the bathroom counter the next day and completely shattered…

Ruined bday present

Now considering buying Rabbit feet and a 4 leaf clover. And bubble wrap. Lots of bubble wrap.

I’m ready for the Keys,  water and relaxation.



  1. Love reading your blog keeping up with your adventures. You are a true strong women would never die what you have along. Keep strong will keep you in my prayers. Enjoy life it short you are a great mother Tino is blessed and Tony looking down and feeling proud of you guys. You are a example to must people your age. Can’t wait till next adventure…..

  2. Sorry for all your bad luck I hope things get better for you Lindsey my prayers are going out for you.

  3. Wow! What a start hon… I like the bungee cord, and metaphorically speaking, the way you pull it all together when life gets tough. Glad y’all are ok, and keep truckin’ with your A-game. I once had to back up at a red light and hit a lady walking behind my car on the crosswalk. I thought I was going to prison, come to find out it was a fraudulent set-up between she and a taxi driver looking for pay outs. Craziness. Stay safe out there!

  4. Btw, love the site!

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